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Tranzlogic / Moss Networks


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Merchants Can Leverage Transactional Data for Big Benefits, Says Tranzlogic

(West Hollywood, CA) – Data-driven marketing has a huge trend to hit the scene in recent years. But with all the talk about “Big Data” these days, it seems very few businesses in the payment industry know how to actually use Big Data to see real benefits.

Tranzlogic is changing that. The company has developed a proprietary process that transforms a merchant’s credit card transaction data into actionable customer intelligence that will revolutionize the way they market to clients.

The system works by tracking transaction data at the merchant location. The technology identifies the key attributes of the merchant’s best customers, including demographic, geographic, psychographic and economic details. Merchants access the data through a secure online portal, where they can monitor and analyze the information in a variety of ways. The benefits of this information are enormous.


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March 19, 2013