Provisur Capabilities Brochure / Elite Communications Group

Provisur Capabilities Brochure / Elite Communications Group

[Brochure Excerpt:]

Ingenuity is more than a word. It’s our business.


Beginning in 2009, Provisur started bringing together some of the world’s leading food processing technologies into a single, comprehensive family of brands:

AM2C®   Beehive®   Cashin®   Formax®   TST™   Weiler®

From separating, grinding and mixing to forming, coating, cooking and freezing, our mission is clear: to create innovative food processing technology and systems solutions that help our customers deliver the highest quality products at the lowest cost by optimizing plant efficiency, maximizing throughput and eliminating waste.

Our multidisciplinary teams of food scientists, engineers and product designers create new food processing technologies by listening, innovating and working in collaboration with our customers around the world.  In doing so, each of our brands has advanced and transformed the markets they serve. When combined, these brands create complete processing lines, seamlessly integrated by Provisur Technologies.

At Provisur we call this: Ingenuity made to order®



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