Kalyn Siebert / Elite Communications Group

Kalyn Siebert / Elite Communications Group


[Sell Sheet Excerpt:]

AltraLite® Lightweight Steel End-Dump Trailer

Lightweight Steel. Heavyweight Performance.

Finally – a lightweight steel end-dump that can stand up to the demands of even the toughest construction projects. We’ve
combined high quality, high tensile steel with the heavy duty design and construction quality that Kalyn Siebert is known for.
Now you can economically haul a wide range of payloads, with confidence that the Kalyn Siebert Advantage is behind you.

High Performance Product

All Kalyn Siebert trailers are engineered to exceed the toughest standards in the industry, delivering:

  • Maximum strength at low tare weights
  • Lowest maintenance costs
  • Longest service life
  • The highest possible return on investment

You can rest assured that our trailers protect your payload and your investment.

High Performance Design

  • High tensile steel design for lightweight operation/heavyweight performance
  • Economic solution for hauling a wide range of products
  • Ease of repair and maintenance
  • Higher dumping angle allows both axles to stay on the ground during the entire dump
  • Higher tailgate hinge design with forward slant for positive closing
  • Bathtub-style design keeps load center of gravity closer to trailer longitudinal centerline

That’s the Kalyn Siebert Advantage.


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July 17, 2014