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 Elizabeth Carter, Naperville Copywriter


 Beth Carter

 Founder and Principal



Hello! I’m Elizabeth Carter, but please call me Beth. I’m a copywriter based in Naperville, IL (a western suburb of Chicago), and I founded Freelance Writing Solutions nearly 15 years ago.

I love to write. Always have. In fact, I was probably the only one in Sister Mary Leo’s 4th grade English class who enjoyed diagramming sentences. I’m also a total grammar freak and a bit of a Type A personality, too. Oddly enough, that’s why I love copywriting — because it gives me the freedom to break all the rules. With copywriting, I can create the conversational, approachable language that’s perfect for my clients and their customers.

Throughout my career, I’ve written marketing communications for government agencies, local non-profits, and companies of every size from Aon Corporation to Zano Hair Salon. I’ve freelanced for The Business Ledger (a suburban Chicago business newspaper), I’ve been a contributing editor on Suite 101.com, and I’ve published articles all over the internet.

I have a Master of Public Policy from the University of Michigan, but don’t let that fool you. I went to Michigan State University as an undergrad, where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Economics (Go Spartans!). I love studying foreign languages, too; I speak passable Japanese (lived there for a year), so-so Spanish and a teeny bit of French.

The result of all this education? I’m very good at breaking down large quantities of data and connecting the dots, so that the most important points stand out and make a case.

I’m active in my community, particularly the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce where I  am a member of the Speakers Bureau. I also sit on the board of directors for Kidz Kabaret, a local non-profit children’s theater group.

I’m passionate about writing, and I’m thrilled to have created a company that leverages this passion to help yours.

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