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Great content marketing starts with the right words.


Inbound marketing. Sales funnels. Lead nurturing. Lead conversions. Do you have the content each of these critical marketing steps requires?

Freelance Writing Solutions creates content that covers all your bases. Our work for you might include eBooks, case studies, blog posts, brochures, press releases — and anything else that provides answers for your customers.

Words are our passion. Our copywriting breathes life into your marketing … provides impact to your communications … and gets you results.

Our copywriting solutions include:

Web Content Writing

We write outstanding web content for our customers, because we focus on the two most important questions: Why do visitors come to your website, and how can we help them meet these goals?

Give your visitors the answers they want, and make those answers easy to find. Make your website easy for Google to find, too. We work basic search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting services into every website project.

Let us help you rewrite and reorganize your website into a powerful marketing tool. Contact us today to get started!

Website Analysis & Planning

Are you confident that your website is as strong as it could be? Do you know how you stack up against your competitors online? If you’re considering overhauling some or all of your site, contact us first.

We’ll conduct a comprehensive analysis of every page on your website, and we’ll compare it to the sites of your top three competitors. We’ll identify what’s working well for you, what needs fixing, and what you should do first. You’ll come away with a 20- to 30-page analysis and detailed list of recommendations to guide your website redesign. Best of all, our objective, quantifiable analysis will help you gain approval from all the stakeholders within your company, so the entire process runs smoothly and efficiently.

Don’t guess at the changes your website needs. Let Freelance Writing Solutions give you the critical data to develop an effective strategy. Contact us today to find out more!

White Paper Writing - eBook Writing

Interested in generating leads? Want to position yourself as an industry expert? White papers and eBooks get the job done like nothing else.

Don’t let your clients turn to your competition to get the answers they want. Your special report will answer questions, build relationships, and attract all the inquiries you want. We help you choose the right topic, uncover the right information, and present the details in the right way, so that your reader can’t help but reach out to you to learn more.

Contact us today to rev up your marketing!

Case Study Writing

Your customers want to buy a sure thing. That’s where case studies come in. Case studies provide tangible evidence of the experience you claim to have. They prove, without a doubt, that you’ve been there, done that. And that you’re ready to do it again.

Our approach to writing a case study? We talk with your sales staff and conduct a short interview with your client, to uncover the full story. We’ll look for the little, important details that bring your client’s story to life. Above all, we’ll capture the challenges your client faced and we’ll explain how your product or service was the only solution.

The result? A great credibility boosting piece that lets your customers choose your business confidently.

Contact us today to put confidence in your marketing!

Brochure Writing - Sell Sheet Writing

Make sure your marketing collateral paints a vivid picture that grabs your reader’s attention and makes him want more. It’s harder to do than it looks, and that’s why it makes sense to bring on board someone who is familiar with this style of writing.

We are marketing writers who think carefully about who will read your collateral and what information you need to convey. You’ll get writing that is short and to the point, with easy-to-understand details. Above all, your materials will have a clear call to action that gets you results.

Contact us today and put our copywriting experience to work for you!

Press Release Writing

Press releases provide the ultimate brand awareness. There simply is no other medium as effective for broadcasting company news to much fanfare — whether you’re launching an exciting new product or you’ve just achieved an impressive milestone. Add some keyword optimization and online distribution, and you’ve got a powerful SEO tool as well.

We have years of experience writing press releases, and we can perfectly capture the personality of your company. We can also provide guidance on the best distribution options for your piece, for the most strategic impact.

Contact us today and start harnessing the power of the media!

Custom Projects

Not every writing project fits neatly into a single category. From specialized branding statements to detailed applications for the Small Business of the Year, we can provide solutions for a wide variety of needs.

Let’s see how we can help you solve your unique challenges. Contact us today to talk!



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