Lately, I feel like I’ve been neglecting my most important target audience: my clients.

Simple & Obvious © by ejhogbin

The problem is that by forgetting to market myself to my own clients, I’m missing out on huge opportunities.

In search of answers, I’ve been reading old blog posts from John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing and the Small Business Marketing blog. He’s got a terrific bead on how to market yourself to your existing relationships, so you can always leverage those golden moments. Here are a few of my favorite suggestions.

New Customers

What would happen if you sent every new client a New Customer Kit? You might provide new clients with important information like:

  • What to expect next
  • What we need from you to get started
  • How to get the most from your new service or product
  • How to contact us if you have a question
  • How we invoice for our work

You could send this information electronically as a pdf file … or you could get creative and post this information via on-demand online video.

Imagine the confidence and reassuring message this sends to your new customers, right when they’re at their most vulnerable – the moment when they’ve agreed to buy your service or product, but haven’t yet seen any value from your service or product! Sets a much better tone for the entire relationship, don’t you think?

Current Customers

Your clients are a captive audience when you’re actively working together. So how often do you stop everything and show them how much you appreciate them?

Surprise your client.  Take them out to lunch mid-project, just to touch base. Create a community for your clients, maybe through client appreciation events or online social networks. With each deliverable, remind your client where the project stands in the overall timeline – in terms of both the accomplishments you’ve achieved and the steps yet to come.

In other words, use your imagination to keep your clients engaged in new ways. They’ll quickly get the message that you’re looking out for them, and they’ll reward you with their continued business.

Past Customers

For every client project or sale you complete, a follow-up routine will give you the opportunity to add additional value – and to continue to market your services.

In particular, the more complicated your products or services are, the bigger the potential here. Imagine the impact if you shared with clients a special report on the product or service you just provided? This would be a huge value to the client! For example, you might include:

  • How to get better results from your product or service
  • How to use any advanced features
  • How your product or service might change how they normally do things, for the better
  • Related services or products they might consider for even better results

This not only gives your clients great information, it reinforces the specific value they get from working with you. And it makes them more interested in continuing to do business with you, as well.

All of these suggestions might not be what you’re used to thinking of as marketing activities, but trust me, they are critically important. An easy rule of thumb here: Treat any interaction with a client as an opportunity to market yourself.

What else might you add to these suggestions? What other opportunities are you currently missing to better communicate with clients – and to better grow your business?