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Anyone can say they’re an expert. So how do you make your claim believable? This was DK Innovative’s concern. They partnered with us recently to build a new website, and our top priority was to make sure their clients understood – and believed – the breadth of their expertise. Their clients, pharmaceutical marketing teams, are often stretched thin for time and resources.  DK Innovative helps them fill those gaps, with over 20 years of pharmaceutical marketing experience. The problem is that sentence sounds like a lot of marketing hooey. Our client needed to do more than just talk about their expertise. They needed to prove it.



There’s an old mantra in writing: Show, don’t tell. We set out to show real-life examples of how DK Innovative has applied their expertise to solve client problems. In other words, we created case studies.

We started by identifying recent projects that met two criteria:

  • DK Innovative made a significant difference for the client, and
  • The project would be of great interest to other potential clients.

We settled on three projects:

  1. A multi-tiered online marketing campaign that tied a specialty product in with an episode of the TV medial drama House
  2. The development of an iPad application that a client’s sales force could use in the field; and
  3. Smart strategic recommendations that helped position a client as an attractive acquisition target.

Length was also an issue. DK Innovative’s clientele is busy; they want quick answers to their questions, so we kept the case studies as short as we could – about half a page. This let us hit the important points with just enough detail to make the stories memorable.

And finally, we focused on quantifying the results. The first project resulted in 10,000 clicks on the product’s website. The second project saved the client thousands of dollars. The third project helped the client double profits on one product and double sales on another.

After all, without results, expertise alone is meaningless, no?

As we set about writing the three case studies, we also made sure they were easy to find on the website. Each case study has its own page, under the general heading of “How We Work.” They’re also called out on the homepage with links, encouraging the reader to click and learn more.

See how we proved DK Innovative’s expertise >



With the instant credibility these case studies give DK Innovative, they’re playing a starring role in DK’s lead generation efforts, too. DK recently embarked on an email campaign to warm prospects. The email starts out with a teaser sentence or two from a case study, and then refers the reader back to DK’s website to read more. The response so far is encouraging. By showing how other businesses approached and solved a problem, DK shines light on how they can help the reader solve their problems, too.