Manufactured By Jewish Mothers, Inc.Sometimes the hardest part about writing a blog post – or writing anything, for that matter – is getting started. If you’re nodding your head at that, then this article is for you!

Below are 68 blog post ideas and blog post templates, guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing and your fingers flying across the keyboard.

So please, take these ideas and run with them. After reading through these suggestions, you may end up discovering that the hard part of blogging isn’t knowing how to write a blog post after all … it’s choosing which idea to follow!


The “Personal Story” Article

  1.  Your Personal Story (how you got started, etc.)
  2. Your Own Goals (track your own results over time)
  3. X Things You Might Not Know About Me
  4. Why I Don’t Do X
  5. Things I’ve Learned
  6. Things I Wish I’d Done Differently
  7. Inspirational Triumph Story
  8. I’m Grateful for X
  9. What Motivates Me
  10. Words of Wisdom

The “Covering the Basics” Article

  1. The Beginner’s Guide to X
  2. How to Start X
  3. How to Accomplish X
  4. The Making of X
  5. Principles of X
  6. X Overview
  7. The Best Routine for X
  8. X Tools You Need to Y
  9. X Things to Do Before You Y
  10. X Things to Do After You Y
  11. Top 10 List
  12. Checklist for X
  13. Top Ways to Get Ready for X
  14. 3 Stages of X
  15. Things to Avoid in X
  16. Pros and Cons of X
  17. How to Overcome Obstacles
  18. Industry Jargon Explained
  19. Frequently Asked Questions about X

The “Case Study” Article

  1. Interesting Success Story
  2. Recipe for Success with X
  3. Interview an Expert
  4. (Famous Person’s) Guide to X


The “Insider Secrets” Article

  1. The Secret to X
  2. X Lessons My Mentor Never Taught Me
  3. X Reasons Why You Should Y
  4. X Reasons Why You Should Never Y
  5. X Ways to Gain Y
  6. X Steps to Be Free of Y
  7. Top Shortcuts to X
  8. Tricks to Do X
  9. Beware of X
  10. X Myth: Busted!
  11. X Golden Rules of Y
  12. How to X in Y Time
  13. How to Save Time Doing X
  14. The X that No One Talks About
  15. The Perfect Cure for X
  16. Symptoms of X Problem to Watch for


The “Current Events” Article

  1. Book Review
  2. State a Controversial Opinion
  3. What If?
  4. Industry News
  5. Industry Trends
  6. Industry Gossip
  7. How (Current Event) Relates to Y
  8. Product Review
  9. Product Showdowns (side-by-side comparisons)
  10. Survey Results (create your own survey and publish the results)
  11. Blog Post Roundup


The “Reader Perspective” Article

  1. Quick Quiz
  2. Ask the Reader
  3. “Dear Abby”


The “Seasonal” Article

  1. How X Holiday/Season Relates to Y
  2. New Year Resolutions
  3. Looking Back/A Year in Review
  4. Make a Prediction
  5. How X Has Changed over Time/Reflections on History


For even more ideas, check out my article on creating killer headlines. I also highly recommend the blog at They regularly publish article templates, complete with how-to instructions!

And I’d love to hear from you, too! How do you come up with ideas for your blog posts?